Space Archaeologist: Liara T’Soni


Guest Post by Franki Webb, an archaeologist and writer. She started as a journalist but decided to chase her dreams of being an archaeologist. Her writing mostly focuses the problematic nature of Western archaeology and archaeology in the media. Currently she is working as an archaeological consultant for an engineering company.

Sarah Parcak, author ofSpace Archaeologydefines the discipline as “any form of air or space-based data to look for ancient features or sites.” Space Archaeology is very much a real discipline, steeped in using the latest satellite data to find new archaeological sites normally difficult to see on the ground. This is very different to how archaeology is usually depicted in a number of videogames, such asUncharted(2008) andTomb Raider(2013), where data is curiously absent. Undoubtedly, audiences are familiar with archaeological themes in science fiction movies such asForbidden Planet(1956);Planet of the Apes

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